Jul 26, 2009

Life on Other Planets?

Sightings of UFOs have been going on since the dawn of mankind, it's pretty obvious aleins have been to arth before and are still visiting now. The next few posts are going to be about the proof of aleins on our plant.

The world gets its first unquestionable proof of life far beyond the earth. According to CBS news, the meteorite that crashed in northwest Canada almost seven years ago might have been able to host the very earliest life forms, according to NASA researchers, which opens the door to the possibility that life could be present elsewhere in the universe.
The Tagish Lake meteorite is unique. Tiny bubbles in the rock are organic globules where the universe's earliest life forms could have been able to live. The meteorite is 4.5 billion years old –older than the earth.
This meteorite is unique because it was recovered froze and some of these samples came to scientists still frozen.
No one knows what is the source of the organic material in the meteorite. But one thing is for certain – those who question extraterrestrail life has to keep quiet this time. The proof is real and verifiable.

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