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The truth about the Columbine Highschool Massacre that took place in April 20, 1999 -11:19 am – 12:08 pm.
No, this conspiracy has nothing to do with Marilyn Manson - although the government is convinced that his bad influence on kids is what caused this:

For this that don't remember Columbine, here is the story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbine_High_School_massacre
And here is the real story that was ignored by the media: (Thanks to rumormillnews.com)


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Date: Tuesday, 29-Jan-2002 15:15:02

**Columbine Update** - September 2nd, 1999

Cover-up begins to unravel

New Columbine Witness Speaks Out

Columbine Massacre & Coverup Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 23:49:23 -0600

Organization: EAGLES NEST HOLDINGS All facts appear to be absolutely correct. Not only was there a Major general at the scene, QUICKLY, but there where CIA, NSA, MI6, NATO and of course the Federal Bureau of Incompetence. Consider these points:

(1) I'm not convinced the two boys where the shooters, or the only shooters. Many of the statements taken from other students state that they DID NOT recognize the (shooters)! (2) Why are the STUDENTS who witnessed the shootings talking about grenades, not Pipe Bombs? Because pipe bombs where not used! And it was NOT the two students using them, but black clothed terrorists from the ATF. (3) They DID NOT commit sucicide. I believe, based on evidence I've seen, that they where executed at the end of the shooting spree by another operative. (4) The ATF where OBSERVED planting two of the 30 lb. bombs found, by Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies (a SGT. and a Captain) who are scared witless by what they saw. And they WILL NOT come out and talk about it. (5) Why where FBI, ATF, CIA, NSA and NATO spooks on the scene at Columbine literally within minutes of the (beginning of) shootings? BECAUSE they knew about it before hand and where prepared and ready to go, parked only a mile or two away. (6) Not one so-called law enforcement official entered the school during the shooting. Instead, they cowered outside behind fire engines like the compromised cowards and traitors that they really are. Not ONE round was fired by a Law Enforcement official. (7) In conjunction with item 6, WHY where Law Enforcement officials ORDERED, by FBI and ATF officers-in-charge, to NOT enter the building until AFTER the shooting stopped?

The before mentioned facts have been testified to by many people onsite - among them Law Enforcement officials, reporters and concerned citizens. Whom are ALL being completely ignored? As I've told you previously, I spent the day at Columbine, on the day following the shooting, walking through the school as well. The scene was horrific, and the affect was one of a very calculated, scripted event. Just like Oklahoma City. There is absolutely no doubt that this was a CIA/NSA/MI6/FBI operation. Through and through.


We have focused often on the general subject of mass shooting incidents; and in particular, has published some of the most thorough investigative analyses currently available on the Columbine High School massacre.

Due to information obtained from first-hand eyewitnesses by means of personal interviews and other communications, as well as reams of other information, evidence and testimony from a truly broad spectrum of different and RELIABLE sources, it has been clear to us and many others from the initial stages of the Columbine horror that there was MUCH more to the story than what the general public was being led--and force-fed--to believe.

This massive quantity of high-quality information--MUCH of it FIRST-HAND, eyewitness testimony--overwhelmingly proves certain points.

Perhaps the single most-crucial of such is simply this: there is NO DOUBT that OTHER GUNMEN besides Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were also perpetrators of the slaughter. No doubt whatsoever. (In fact there seems to be a scarcity of irrefutable HARD evidence and EYEWITNESS testimony that Harris and Klebold were in fact DEFINITELY INVOLVED!) This is shown, for example, in statements made by eyewitness/victim Columbine teacher Patti Nielson, who was shot UPSTAIRS by an gunman who was neither Harris OR Klebold at the school's NORTH end at the EXACT same time other MASKED gunmen DOWNSTAIRS invaded the school from the SOUTH end. Literally HUNDREDS of other witnesses at the school clearly witnessed a NUMBER of additional gunmen. Those unaware of the tonnage of material supporting such an assessment can refer to NewsHawk's Columbine articles still (we hope) posted at -- www.egroups.com/list/news/. Other more speculative issues such as what forces implemented the atrocity and for what purposes can be set aside for now.

In the latest of an ongoing string of such comments throughout the intervening months since the brutal nightmare took place at Columbine High, Jefferson County, Colo.'s chief sheriff John Stone AGAIN reiterated his long-held belief that others were certainly involved in the shooting rampage on April 20.

The Rocky Mountain News quoted Chief Stone as telling Associated Press on Monday, "I've never thought it was just two because of the amount of stuff that was brought in, but we don't have enough to charge anyone (else)."

More significantly, we have just received some further corroboration of several crucial points regarding the mayhem and murder at Columbine.

•A student eyewitness informs us that they were shot at DIRECTLY in the school's lower level during the first stages of the assault.

•This witness did themselves clearly see THREE GUNMEN in the cafeteria area.

•At least ONE of these gunmen, dressed in black, DID have a MASK on.

•This individual was able to in fact exit the school early on during the unfolding horror.

* Several students replied to questions about pipe bombs with the following; "pipe bombs......what pipe bombs? We

saw grenades!

* 72 9mm shell casings where located in places the two shooters where never at.

* Teacher P. Nieson, and two female students where shot at at 11:20 A.M., one minute before the two boys

entered the school at 11:21 A.M., some 20-30 yards away, and opened fire at 11:26. This individual was

tall and lanky, wearing a black jumpsuit as the ATF agents where accustomed to wearing, carrying a 9mm MP,

grinning manically. Nieson was grazed in the back as she and the two students dove headfirst back into a

Chemistry Lab.

•They made note of yet ANOTHER highly significant fact. They thought it was strange that the glass doors at the front end of the school had ALREADY been shot out as a group of students made their way out of the school building, even though they had left the (other) gunmen behind them and could still hear them laughing in the distance. As the group of at least THREE gunmen was still BEHIND this exiting group of students, HOW and WHEN did the glass doors in FRONT of the students get shot out? Clearly this would have occurred when teacher Patti Neilson, student Brian Anderson and others were shot at by what would in fact have to be a "FOURTH" gunman and perhaps still other gunmen at this end of the school, as noted above regarding Nielson's published testimony.

Furthermore, this student witness, after exiting the school and vacating school property, ran RIGHT PAST some unidentified federal law enforcement personnel already on the scene and was NOT intercepted or communicated with in ANY WAY by said personnel!

What questions does THIS fact immediately raise and what does this tell us? It raises the obvious question of how many other people--perhaps PERPETRATORS in the slaughter--were allowed to get away from the scene by fed law enforcement. It TELLS US that said federales were COMPLICIT in the horrendous, brutal slaughter that day--or else they are incompetent morons.

This recent information tears yet more massive holes in the tattered and torn remnants of the official, "swiss-cheese' fable about what happened at Columbine High School on April 20.

In fact, there really no longer IS any viable, credible official version whatsoever of the Columbine events at this point.

Plattsburgh Uncovered

Air Force DEEPLY Involved in Mind Control Projects According to Eric Harris's Air Force "Controller" AND Harris Himself

Two of these recent communications to us in fact pinpoint a particular Air Force base which has ALREADY been heavily "outed" by us in our articles ("The Rocky Mountain Horror Show" and "Putting the Columbine Puzzle Together") on the Columbine High School massacre on April 20 . This corroborates information from other widely divergent sources regarding bizarre covert activities at this location.

The location we refer to is PLATTSBURGH AIR FORCE BASE in northeastern New York State, roughly 80 miles south of the Canadian border. Beneath the Plattsburgh base is a VAST, 18-level deep subterranean facility.

Eric Harris, whose father has been linked to covert AF intelligence projects going back nearly 20 years, lived with his family at Plattsburgh AFB for over 4 years right before moving to Littleton.

We have previously received confirmation on the Plattsburgh base as (being) a location for severe, horrendous, outrageous and scientifically very advanced mind/consciousness-manipulation technologies and projects from a wide variety of sources: from other victims and from those who were in the employ of project operators.

Plattsburgh AFB was by some reports linked in the 1960s the horrendous known Nazi-lover Ewen Cameron, president of the American Psychiatric Association, The Canadian Psychiatric Association AND the World Psychiatric Association, and Cameron's massive abuses in the CIA-contracted MK-Ultra (drug and neuro-electrically-based) mind-control project just over the border in Montreal. Firsthand accounts indicate that this legacy continued at Plattsburgh through the 1970s and beyond to present times with electromagnetic/radio-frequency and drug-based mind control activities tied to some of the experimentation at Montauk.

As noted in earlier reports this Air force installation SUPPOSEDLY "officially" closed in 1994.

However, thoroughly credible testimony from many sources provides clear proof the base remains quite active years after it’s "official" closure. Local residents and other firsthand eyewitnesses report that the base, though somewhat deserted, is currently in some level of operation even on the "surface," AND EM/RF signal detection equipment verified that top-secret operations currently ongoing in the documented 18-level underground complex BENEATH the base. Aside from mind control related operations, signal detection equipment proves the Plattsburgh base is a site of particle accelerator/beam research and experimentation.

ALL legitimate funding for any activity at the base--even so much as turning a doorknob--ended completely early in 1995. The only activities taking place on base property after this date would by their very definition be covert, totally classified, restricted-access operations of whatever sort; operations which CLEARLY depend upon illegitimate, unofficial, clandestine funding for their very existence. Wayne Harris (AND his family) stayed on in Plattsburgh long AFTER the base was officially shuttered.

One of those who has just contacted us about Plattsburgh AFB and the mind-control programs in operation there is a scientist/researcher who was until VERY RECENTLY directly involved in a number of these terrible and inhuman activities. This person has to some degree gotten a conscience about his participation.

This person was in fact personally involved in one major aspect of the programming and training activities which ERIC HARRIS HIMSELF was subjected to at Plattsburgh.

He has informed us that Eric was one of scores of children injected with mind-altering drugs and chemicals on a REGULAR and extensive basis; that his physiological and psychological responses to these various chemicals were continually monitored and tabulated until the "perfect" combination of substances was found which synergized most effectively with the OTHER mind control technologies and programming Harris was subjected to.

He has informed us that Harris and many others were victimized by a particularly SATANIC offshoot of the MK-Ultra/Montauk operations centered at Plattsburgh AFB; which in fact heavily utilized satanic and cultic ritualism, symbolism, satanic psychosexual abuse and the like in molding such "products" as Harris. Extremely racist, Neo-Nazi indoctrination was/is part of this particular brand of programming. These "Montauk boys" are known to make a large percentage of the Goth/Trenchcoat Mafia/skinhead subculture--ESPECIALLY in the Denver area and the closely-linked Dallas-Fort Worth-east Texas region as well as around Montauk and upstate New York, and also Atlanta.

This contact further informed us that Harris's group were in fact "chemical" "Manchurians": that is, of the wide variety of mind-control techniques and tactics used by these Nazi rodents, Harris and others were primarily but not ONLY subjected to drug/chemical mind alteration/manipulation. (This fact makes the ongoing spraying by the Air Force of North America with unknown chemical substances all the more sinister. This crap is very likely AFFECTING OUR MINDS!) Also utilized extensively in turning Harris into a Manchurian killer were hypnotic trance induction and EM/RF systems.

This unfortunate human being had his entire life, his youth, his mind and his SOUL utterly invaded, mangled and brutalized beyond ALL RECOGNITION, then reconstructed by these godless Nazi demons from the depths of hell itself. This BOY was TURNED INTO A KILLER by this wretched, horrid, psychotic fascist filth before he ever had a chance for a life.

Further confirmation of this exact state of affairs came from the mouth of Eric Harris himself! A News representative did some nosing around in Plattsburgh and located someone who had been friendly with Harris right before the family moved to Littleton. Harris had confided to this boy that he couldn't wait to leave Plattsburgh-- he said he hated the place--BECAUSE OF THE CONSTANT, BIZARRE EXPERIMENTATION he was subjected to there. Harris in fact referred to the exact activities cited by the informant who contacted us, involving CONSTANT chemical drug mind manipulation. Harris was WELL AWARE--at least to some extent--what in fact was being done to him and he DETESTED IT!

Most unfortunately, things did not get better for Eric Harris after moving to Littleton--located within hailing distance of what is probably the PRIMARY New World Order power base and nerve center in the entire North American continent… DENVER, Colorado. This poor kid was less than TEN years old where his family first got to Plattsburgh and the ongoing brutalization began. The additional horror is that he KNEW what was being done to him and was POWERLESS to stop it! A BOY! A defenseless boy!

THIS is what the New World Order has in store for ALL of us… and for all our children.

What's more, implicated here WITHOUT ANY DOUBT in the "procurement" and psychological devastation of Eric Harris is the boy's father, Air Force spook Wayne Harris. (Wayne Harris has already been exposed as having been well involved with the manufacture and testing of various explosive materials with his son AND as having had significant input to Eric's website and Internet activities. This miserable worm willingly and knowingly gave his son over to these satanic spook slugs for their horrifying projects. He literally SACRIFICED HIS SON to the devil. WE find indications of similar complicity on the part Air Force parents in the current situation involving the L.A. "Jewish Center" shooter Buford Furrow, and the Atlanta-area mass murderer Mark Barton. As well, Atlanta (Conyers) SCHOOL shooter T.J. Solomon (who hears mechanized, robotic mental commands to kill) spent a number of vacations in close proximity to Plattsburgh AFB.

One more quite interesting note in closing. Eric Harris, based on his own personal and direct knowledge of such through his exposure to the shadowy realms of covert government projects, repeatedly spoke to this buddy in Plattsburgh of the impending "takeover" of our democratic republic by the global forces of darkness, oppression and enslavement.


"Underground" Rumors of Planned School Massacre

-- August 12th, 15th.

This is an URGENT message to parents, students, school staff and law enforcement in this country.

A source who has previously provided News with very significant information regarding the Columbine MK-Ultra/Manchurian Candidate slaughter, widely recognized as a knowledgeable and highly credible person, not long ago passed this following information on to us.

This person, a Denver-area resident with his ear to the ground in more than one part of town--so to speak--has advised us that rumors have been flying thick and heavy among the Satanist factions of Denver's goth/skinheard/Trenchcoat Mafia netherworld that school shooting massacre is going to go down at Denver's CHERRY CREEK HIGH SCHOOL, at the beginning of the fall semester next week.

We both concurred however, that as with the trench coater threats for a July 4 shooting massacre in Baltimore posted on the Internet AND right at Columbine High School on the same day as the slaughter there (the shooting spree of course ended up being in the Chicago area), the TIME of this rumored impending incident may be correct (more or less) but the LOCATION is probably deliberately falsified.

Considering what's at stake here, which may be the lives of YOUR CHILDREN, we advise EVERYONE who receives this email to post it as far and widely as humanly possible--especially to residents of the greater Denver area.

August 15th

More revealed from Denver source.

PLEASE read and forward this urgent information below as if the life you might save might be that of your own child, or a child of someone you know and love.

This same information was conveyed about six weeks ago to a distinguished PI in San Francisco from a source in the Denver Goth community. The source, whom the PI considers from extensive conservation to be quite knowledgeable and relatively credible, has stated that the event is already known in advance by police intel in the area, but has been deliberately ignored.

It has been my experience too that stories of this sort are diversionary - i.e., the real target is planned elsewhere. We have heard the date September 9 (which from an occult standpoint is a powerful, apocalyptic day - 9/9/99). We have also heard that the Dallas-Forth Worth area is a likely target area (there are close linkages between the Dallas and Denver trench coaters). Keep an eye on Allen, Texas - a far north Dallas suburb which has many of the social characteristics of Littleton - and where threats closed schools there late last spring.

But keep in mind that the more public awareness there is of a possible target, the less likely anything will probably happen at all.


Harris poem

August 5th, 1999

Several days back we sent out a "poem" written by Eric Harris of Littleton. Never mind his questionable talents as a wordsmith. We felt this poem was exceptionally significant because in it Harris gives voice to not only some clues about his overall state of mind but ALSO to something much "larger" and far-reaching going on with school violence than just Eric Harris's participation alone! Harris in fact describes the entire horrendous spate of school shooting incidents as part of a "LARGER" plan, taking place on a pre-determined basis both in terms for LOCATIONS and TIMING of such deeply shocking, planned and SCRIPTED episodes.

For one thing, this writing of Harris's gives CLEAR indication that there is MUCH MORE to what happened at Columbine AND at all the other schools where similar events occurred than JUST some unhinged teenagers going wacko with guns. MUCH MORE! Realistically this could ONLY mean an operation masterminded by an "agency" of the (covert) federal government, due to the scope of the plan, it's logistical complexity, and in light of the TRUCKLOAD of evidence showing complicity of TONS federal agents in the Columbine nightmare alone.

This writing gives SOLID indications that Harris, Klebold, Kip Kinkel in Springfield Oregon, Golden and Johnson in Jonesboro Arkansas, back to Luke Woodham in Pearl Mississippi, were ALL acting in accordance with a preconceived plan and pattern.

CLEARLY this strongly supports the position of News Inc. as stated in numerous articles we've published about the Columbine slaughter and other such incidents. That is: that these incidents are scripted, planned and executed by covert military/intelligence agencies of the federal government, utilizing SEVERELY mind-controlled subjects/victims/agents like Harris as well as other, more "senior" mind controlled operatives, in caring out such incidents of mind-boggling horror and brutality

Harris plainly writes that there is an "END" (result) for which these incidents of incomprehensible and inhuman violence area BUT THE MEANS!

He indicates that this "grand finale" will occur at "4-20"; at "Kringle".

There are two maps on the web which show how school shooting incidents--and in one case also some other events like the OKC bombing and the MICHAEL Kennedy "accident"--connect together in straight lines. Both maps have one line in common: one map, which shows ONLY school shooting incidents, has two lines, which intersect at HOPE Arkansas (where Clinton was raised). Hmmm!

The map with ONLY school shooting incidents is at: ftp://ftp.anomalous-images.com/pub/anomalou/xMarksTheSpot.jpg

The other map is at Sollog's website: http://www.sollog.com/

I think Harris's poem should be taken as the obvious warning that it is. Unfortunately the phraseology is a bit cryptic: but it behooves all of us to try and figure out what Harris is really saying here.

In my estimation he was obviously VERY aware of a bigger scheme at work than just having youngsters shoot other youngsters.

We need to understand what this "scheme" is and what is planned next!

Don't forget: Eric Harris was NOT exactly "himself" when he wrote this, and when he did many other things. This unfortunate individual was mind-controlled to the HILT.

= = = = = = = = = = =

420 - 420 is the day 420 shows 'em all that I am not gay

420 - 420 is the date of my deed 420 will be what I will need

420 - 420 comes from seed 420 is what I call weed

420 - 420 will put me in the mood 420 my life will be just like doom

420 - 420 will give me great big balls 420 will make we laugh when I walk the halls

420 - 420 will be when I show 'em all 420 will be their down fall

420 - 420 is the 110th year of the one they all feared 420 is the 110th day and it draws very near

420 - 420 is 3 years and 1 day 420 is 6 years and 1 day

420 - 420 starts a line that began with Woodham, and it is a very simple riddle 420 ends the line on the way to Kringle, I am on the line in the middle

420 - 420 will connect all the school shootings on the Line 420 will show that the Line belongs to Sollog the Lord of upside down Nines

420 - 420 is chapter and verse in a book that explains my Job very well 420 is verse and chapter about the beast from hell

420 - 420 they will want to put me in a cell 420 I will be sent back to hell


(Poem was reportedly released on the Sollog web site the day of the shooting -- the validity of this poem is not confirmed!)


Was A July 4 Attack Planned... Near Chicago?

July 6th, 1999

Last week News sent out a reminder about the fact that immediately AFTER the Columbine massacre in April, warnings were posted on the Internet AND at Columbine High School that Trenchcoat Mafia planned another shooting attack on July 4 in Baltimore, Md.

Although obviously and thankfully no such event did occur in BALTIMORE, there was some genuinely disturbing news from a little further west.

Late last week just as the July 4th weekend kicked off, "crazed" "white supremacist" Benjamin Smith reportedly began his 3-and-a-half-day odyssey of death and terror.

It is NOW clear Smith WAS en route to a July 4 gathering with thousands attending on Sunday evening, where he planned to shoot large numbers of people!

Though there is little doubt Smith was ONE of such shooters, there is no denying that Smith seemed to have traversed a fairly noteworthy amount of territory during his rampage; leading to reasonable speculation that more than ONE such gunman COULD have been involved in the overall scheme of things. It obviously wouldn't be beyond the bounds of reason OR even of a fairly limited budget for 2 or more assailants to have the same model, EASILY identifiable BLUE (how many people have seen BLUE Ford Tauruses? Hands please!) Ford Taurus.

There seems to have been some method to this LATEST madness however, as Smith (and Co.?) was particularly intent on killing members racial/ethnic and religious minorities. It turns out he had a fairly extensive list of prior run-ins with school administrators ands the law: mostly because of activities related to his EXTREME, virulent, hate-obsessed racist/white supremacist views.

Of course it can't be forgotten that at least Eric Harris, of the KNOWN Columbine shooters, was known to depise racial and religious minorites and others deemed inferior by the NAzi philospohies they found so compelling: in fact targeting Isaiah Shoels because he was a black person and others, including Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott, because they "believed in God."

But of COURSE, despite Smith's conflicts with school administration and law enforcement due to his known prosensity for expounding inflamatory racist doctrines, apparently NOBODY in law enforcement nor anyone else thought this lunatic the LEAST BIT capable of ever doing anything SERIOUS about his constantly expressed views (shades of Eric Harris!)!

Either that or else someone higher up the food chain pressured local authorities to keep Benjamin Smith free, unencumbered and on the street-- just "in case" he might be needed for something...

As noted no shooting incident occurred at Baltimore's Independence Day festivities.

Though nothing happened in Baltimore, what ABOUT this mid-West supremacist murderer? Makes me wonder if this guy hadn't been pre-wired and pre-progammed for something "bigger"--something just like the threatened July 4th trenchcoat "massacre!"

Maybe even tho' the scheduled "festivities" in Baltimore had been called off he was sort of still running around like a chicken with it's head (leader) cut off.

Yet we DO find out the following information about Smith however, which raises again a point brought up in our reminder bulletin last week: that although the DATE posted for the threatened July 4 "massacre" may well have been correct, the LOCATION posted could well have been disinformation!

For example, perhaps the massacre had NOT been called off but was to be ELSEWHERE--like near Chicago!

Perhaps this "massacre" had been PLANNED to specifically target MINORITIES at a July 4 celebration but gunman Smith (and/or others?) in some way activated a little too soon, thus blowing the larger operation.

Check this out. According to ABC News, 7/6/99: "Smith fatally shot himself Sunday night as he led police on a chase that was HEADED TOWARD 2,000 PEOPLE GATHERED FOR A JULY 4th CELEBRATION (emphasis mine).

"'Our main target was to get him stopped before he got there, but fortunately he did that for us,' said Marion County sheriff’s deputy Todd Garden."

Of course; how convenient. Once again the shooter who up till the very end was CLEARLY hellbent on some SERIOUS mayhem and murder, suddenly turns his weapon on himself. Supposedly. Contrary to all previous indications, he commits suicide.

OR the shooter has it "committed" for him.

Ed. Note:

It is now revealed that 21 year old Benjamin Smith, a student at Indiana University, was connected to a "white supremacist" church called "World Church of the Creator". (source)

"'As soon as we learned of these crimes, we met with the Chicago police department and recommended that the WCOTC and its members should be looked at very closely,' said Harlan Loeb, Midwest counsel for the Anti-defamation League and a friend of one of the victims.

"The Anti-defamation League in Chicago began monitoring Smith over a year ago after he began leafletting racist and anti-Semitic literature, according to Loeb." (source)

Conspiracy theorist William Cooper commented on the shooting by saying, "In all my years of research I have never seen a story which more clearly exhibits the symptoms of a man who is a victim of a mind control operation; right down to the ending 'suicide' scenario, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith displays every single classic symptom that we know." Cooper notes the Anti-defamation League as a possible conspiritor in the possible mind control operation. (source)


June 28th, 1999


Contents of article: Stone Talks/Other Shooters Involved

"Behind The Scenes" of The Columbine Massacre-- Big "players" and lower-level operatives

Cults and Satanic Ritual Psychosexual Abuse

Anomalies re: Wayne Harris, Fuselier, Klebold Brown and Others

FBI’s Special Effects on School Security Video!

Nearby Homes Used For Sharpshooting/By Whom--AT Whom?

--And More


We took pains to indicate in this article that a request for clarification about conflicting statements on the part of Brooks Brown is absolutely NOT meant to imply complicity. It is a matter of public record that his statements have varied about the incident in question. We expressly DID NOT speculate on the meaning of these discrepancies; only noted that they deserve to be cleared up.

Regarding other parties mentioned but not specifically identified who have been cited by reliable sources as rumored (or more) to have been connected, in varying ways to varying degrees, to the massacre, based on indications ranging from certain or near-certain to more circumstantial; in each instance the level and quantity of evidence is described. Totally unsubstantiated rumors are NOT referred to or promulgated in the report.


We ask of all, for the sake of all the children, to assist in bringing this overwhelmingly significant information to the widest attention possible.

In addition we especially ask any Littleton/Denver-area residents to ASSIST in pulling various elements together at this time. In whatever way and to whatever extent possible, attempt to get statements, information or other leads or evidence from witnesses to events at the school on 4/20/99, and forward the information to News and/or Chief Stone ONLY of the Sheriff’s department.

If necessary or desired by such witnesses their names could of course be withheld. Anything anyone can do in this regard would be tremendously helpful.

We NEED MORE INPUT FROM THE COMMUNITY, now that the wall of coverup and secrecy has to some extent cracked and key elements of the truth ARE leaking out.


Convinced Others Involved in Slaughter

Jefferson County’s head sheriff John Stone, speaking with firm conviction in an interview published June 19, 1999, made it decisively clear once and for all that he is CONVINCED Harris and Klebold had accomplices in the planning and execution of the shooting rampage at Columbine High School April 20.

Breaking a long public silence about the horror which occurred on his watch, Stone stated while talking with a reporter from APB Online that the sheer weight of evidence and testimony regarding such collaboration makes this conclusion unavoidable and undeniable.

Stone let it be known that such leads and evidence must be pursued to the utmost extent until the truth is brought to light and justice is served, and that the community, not to mention the nation, can not rest easy regarding the nightmarish slaughter until this comes to pass.

To quote the APB Online article here: 'Feeling burned by the coverage, Stone will no longer identify suspects, except to say he still believes the two killers had help in their plot to storm the school.

"I’ve said all along there were more people involved and nothing has changed my thinking,” he said. “There probably will be a lot of anxiety in this community until this investigation is wrapped up."' (©1999 APB Online All rights res.)

Notably, the article pointedly defines the vicious murder and mayhem carried out at the school that day as a "commando style raid," a truly significant point which correlates very closely with the latest astonishing leads just passed on to News by local sources. Following the text of the Stone interview is information on these leads and some of their incredible implications. It’s reasonable to assume that this description of the horror may well be due to certain information relayed by Stone to his interviewers off-the-record and not published in the article.

There was a tremendous amount of unavoidable and compelling evidence at the scene indicating extensive and unexplained presence of paramilitary units, covert "special forces" operatives along with federal intelligence/law enforcement agencies onsite, which is clear and well-known to many, including of course Sheriff Stone. Moreover there are indications of direct involvement on the part of certain of these agencies, as will be shown in this report.

As well, Stone reaffirms his knowledge that Eric Harris’s father Wayne was without doubt incomprehensibly and unconscionably negligent as a parent in taking serious preventive and corrective action concerning unavoidably obvious indications that a great number of Eric’s actions, interests and proclivities were blatantly destructive, dangerous, hate-obsessed, and in general highly disturbed and troubling. Stone seems to imply in fact that Wayne Harris may have been more than just negligent.

Sheriff Stone’s very important statements affirm this MOST crucial fact - there were more than just TWO shooters.

In conjunction with the recently published earthshaking remarks by Columbine teacher and witness P. Nielson which clearly indicate the active presence of other assailants in the massacre, Sheriff Stone's comments have truly capsized the prevailing party line on the massacre, yet that's the version being disseminated by lower-ranking members of Stone's own department!

Clearly the officers in charge of the Columbine investigation are those securely under the thumb of the FBI and other federal forces. Stone, though department chief and cognizant of the undeniable presence of other shooters, is NOT leading the investigation. It's an undeniably jarring experience all around on this issue at this point.


Operatives of certain agencies such as: NATO units--including a two-star general in non-U.S. uniform; FBI and BATF cadres and other "special forces" units are known to have been at the site either as soon as or before the atrocity began. Operatives of one such agency known as SOG (Strategic Operations Group), were directly involved in the shooting- -according to the blatant admission of one SOG agent.

Large numbers of people have stated in emails to News they saw "paramilitary" teams in SWAT-type gear with NATO body shields on live camera feeds from the scene as soon as TV crews arrived: indicating clearly they were there BEFORE the TV crews! We now know from teacher P.Nielson's statements that press choppers were there well before LOCAL law enforcement arrived. Also spotted was a large light-blue NATO truck with insignia, within 15 minutes of the onset of the shooting. How long these personnel had been there already is anyone's guess. But there are reports from students who claim they witnessed paramilitary personnel in very dark or black clothing on the roof of Columbine earlier in the morning on April 20! Furthermore CNN’s own reporters reviewed their footage and on 4/22/99 asked Sheriff Steve Davis point- blank to explain the verified presence of a two-star General at the scene within minutes of the outbreak of shooting. Davis ducked…hard. It was subsequently established this general was NOT wearing a U.S. uniform!

As stated FBI and other U.S. "federales" were, quite suspiciously, on the scene immediately (or sooner) and preempted involvement by local authorities immediately. The scene was federalized instantaneously--in complete contradiction of any remotely legitimate, standard procedures.

Information recently received by News from a very solid source provided strong indications that operatives of the ultra-secret agency named SOG (Strategic Operations Group) were directly involved in the slaughter. Some aspects of this information would appear to indict specific elements of the upper reaches of global, political power regarding complicity in what happened at Columbine.

Strategic Operations Group is a deeply covert military/intelligence "black ops" agency known to specialize in ultra-classified, "terrorist" -type actions.

Interestingly there is another reading of the acronym SOG: Sons Of Gestapo. This is what was scrawled on a note found at the scene of the Gila Bend, Arizona Amtrak derailment in 1995. Take your pick. Whatever their real name the end result when these monsters take action is the same. Lots of dead bodies left behind as these agents finish up another assignment designed to look like a terrorist attack of some kind as opposed to the most carefully contrived, planned, scripted, staged and implemented event it really is: an event contracted by those with ties to the wielders of global socio-political might and international power-broking at the upper levels.


At this point in time there's a vast body of evidence proving the existence of numerous government-sponsored mind control experiments and operations; and that children of varying ages are the predominant targets of these inherently and blatantly evil, Nazi-like activities. Again, there's voluminous evidence showing how vast numbers of our young people are siphoned off into environments and situations where cult-like mind control and indoctrination programming is implemented upon them; utilizing different organizations from day care and foster care facilities at younger ages to the likes of boy scout troops and similar groups in regard to older youngsters. These cover operations are manipulated and operated behind the scenes by covert, "rogue" government agencies and their cohorts both in the underworld and in multinational financial interest groups: in other words, elements quite like those said to be involved to a noteworthy extent in the massacre.

The conclusion here is that undoubtedly Eric Harris, most likely Klebold and doubtless at least some of the other murderers certain to have been involved, were long-term subjects of a variety of mind control and indoctrination experiments and projects: they were to a large extent near-unilaterally manipulated persons, at least in their actions at Columbine High School. They were, most certainly, mind controlled.

Preexisting socially, religiously or otherwise boundaried groups and organizations, or sub-groups thereof (Trenchcoat Mafia), are often used; sometimes new groups are initiated/instigated and formed, as a means of subjecting targeted youngsters to a very wide variety of mind-, mood-, and thought-control tactics, techniques and activities. The basic belief system and sizable percentage of the total sensory and conceptual input on the part of the group's members is extensively controlled as well--due to it's very isolation from more mainstream social contexts and activities. Ritualistic, "satanic" psychosexual abuse and hypnotic trance induction are MAJOR aspects of the many tactics used to literally destroy targeted subjects in fundamental spiritual and psychological ways; and subsequently reprogram and rebuild the shattered individual along desired lines.

There is another important aspect to the atrocity at Columbine which delineates the link between very high levels of geopolitical power straight to the cult-like social sub-groupings such as certain goth factions and Trenchcoat Mafia offshoots, according to a source widely considered quite credible.

In Denver, a city of many strange secrets, even that icon of apple pie America, the Boy Scouts, has not remained untainted by the pall cast by creepy, spooky, crytpo-Nazi offshoots connected in very real and serious ways to the seamy underside of the highest levels of political power in this country and in the world. They may be following the Boy Scout dictum "be prepared" in some inverted and horrific way, but surely not in the way MOST moms, dads, and youngsters would ever imagine.

It was indicated to us by this source that rumors are a Scoutmaster of a Denver scout troop is a thoroughly goth-oriented individual who is also the SOG member cited above. This person has actually made statements to the effect that he was directly involved in the murders at Columbine. These statements were made the very day after the massacre. Apparently this person literally feels invincible to any repercussions from such involvement in mass murder and mayhem, and is completely remorseless as well. He has alos stated on several occasions that he considered (he is no longer a scout

master) the Boy Scouts an "excellent recuriting ground". Check out your Scout Masters, folks.

According to the same source, this scout troop is thought to serve as a training ground of sorts for particular youngsters possessing certain desirable characteristics deemed likely prospects to become future operatives for agencies like SOG--carrying out terrorist-type actions solely engineered and implemented to cause massive sociological shock and stress; as a means of manipulating public belief, opinion, and thought.

This scout troop is said to be funded by certain real estate interests and other parties who have previously loomed large in the massive Silverado Savings and Loan swindle.

Additionally it's suspected that a foreign national active in Denver's higher education organizations, who has extensive ties to the higher levels of current geopolitical power, provides both doctrinal and financial input to the scout troop and likely to related "operations."

Other strands of this web are rumored to involve certain of the owners/ managers of the pizza parlor in which Harris, Klebold and recently- arrested Phil Duran all worked, about a quarter mile from Columbine school. The party in question is thought to originate in the Dallas area, and to be linked to east Texas real estate and financial organizations directly involved with participants in the Silverado shenanigans. The rumors are of close involvement on the part of restaurant interests in implementing the massacre.


Usually, such incidents as the Columbine shootings are mercilessly and brutally enacted primarily for the express purpose of manipulating and molding the beliefs and conceptual framework of the public at large at the most fundamental levels.

The reason? Most certainly, at least in part: the massive manipulation of the people through acts of unimaginable brutality and incomprehensible viciousness, designed to have tremendous psychological/ subliminal impact on the public; for the purpose of inducing the populace to further WILLINGLY permit federal agencies beholden to "New World Order" interests to curtail and/or ELIMINATE a substantial percentage of our "freedoms" and rights (to the extent such still exist) in order that the government may more efficiently "protect us" from such madness in the future.

Such madness, that is, other elements of this same "government"/big-scale protection racket were directly responsible for implementing. Such horrendous incidents are NOT a result of too many kids having too much access to guns. In past eras of American history, many individuals in their teens often had direct access to firearms. Mass murders of peers and others remotely akin in any way to the current outbreak of school horrors were totally unheard of; nor is there any known parallel in any other society in human history.

Any conceivable explanation for such incidents as being some previously unheard of but genuine psychotic social aberration flies in the face of all existing evidence regarding the admittedly myriad complexities of human nature. The entire phenomenon has clearly been instigated, scripted and manipulated.

This is the same type of tactic used on a smaller scale by criminals and thugs who offer "protection" to individuals and organizations, for a "fee," from pernicious activities initiated by other members of the same criminal groups!

Classic stuff: Gangsterism and Thuggery 101A.

On a much bigger scale, corrupted and malignant governments carry out operations like Columbine, so we will accept their "protection" from the lawless mayhem emanating, we are led to believe, only from bizarre, cultural sub-groups and cults.

To whatever extent such groups are actively used in such operations as the Columbine atrocity, these cult-like organizations almost universally have either been SET UP by, or quickly infiltrated and manipulated by covert government operatives and utilized for the purpose of mind control/indoctrination of group members for desired agendas. Case in point: the Trenchcoat Mafia crowd: by many indications a relatively non-threatening cluster until infiltrated by young Fuselier, Klebold and later Harris: people with notably different ideas about things than some of the earlier trenchcoaters. Fuselier, Klebold, Harris and some associates were indeed outcasts within a fringe group.

Additionally the government’s own "thugs" are active, usually DOMINANT participants in whatever lawless mayhem is brought about by unfortunate subjects of such cults; atrocities enacted to further major socio-political agendas.

These are Machiavellian tactics to the utmost. The game being played? "Divide and conquer" the human race. Either way they win (profit). The stated goal of such shenanigans? To induce us to willingly accept "protection" by the government, at a price of most of our most precious and fundamental human rights and freedoms. And of course no real protection will ensue. Only ever-deeper and more malignant erosion of human dignity and freedom.

However, there ARE often other motivations at work as well; payback and preemptive strikes against political/social opponents both real and imagined being among the more common of these. In fact such other motivations were likely a factor at Columbine, according to some indications. Further details on these aspects will be brought forth if such rumors receive corroboration.

The Columbine atrocity IS the New World Order in action. This is what's slated to be implemented on a global basis.

Welcome to the New World Order.

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