Jul 9, 2009

Information Operations Roadmap

Information Operations Roadmap AKA The death of free speech on the Internet.

The USG (US Government) have come up with a new idea to make life even crappier for it's citizens; take away all free speech! Bad enough that every news station on television, every newspaper published and every popular news website is run by the USG, but now they plan on taking away our last resort from the truth: the Internet.

The document which is called Information Operations Roadmap can be read here. And guess who signed this document? That's right! Every one's favorite hero Donald H. Rumsfeld back in 2003.

If their plan goes through, the military will own the Internet and control what you read, watch and do on it. They will delete any page such as the one you are currently reading, and will fill every one's mind with their lies and propaganda. That's the American way!

You can learn more by reading the following from BBC: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed.