Jul 15, 2009

The Lies of The American Media

Everybody knows FoxNews lies about everything, but CNN, MSNBC and even BBC News as well as every other news channel on television doesn't cover all the stories. They seem to only show us certain news that they think we should see, and hide all that we shouldn't see. That's because the Government controls the media.

A good example is the recent news, all they were showing on the news all day was Michael Jackson's funeral. One thing that bugs me is that when he was alive everyone hated him, but now that he's dead everyone loves him? And even more disturbing, why does everyone remember wacko Jacko but not Farrah Fawcett? She also died the same day Michael did. But unlike Michael you wouldn't vomit at the site of Farrah's face.

I'm sorry, I'm getting off topic. Did CNN ever cover all the proof that 9/11 was an inside job? Did FoxNews ever tell us the dangers of aspartame? All the media is controlled to control and brainwash the sheeple. Everything we see in our movies and TV is carefully controlled.

However many movies and music can get away with hidden messages. For example The Fifth Element, The Matrix, V for Vendetta and a few others, and many bands get away with exposing the truth through hidden messages including Rage Against the Machine, Marilyn Manson, Nine inch Nails and a few others
These hidden messages are not always subliminal or back masking, but usually just double meaning sentences or sometimes go right out and tell the truth "You know they murdered X and tried to blame it on Islam!" - Rage Against The Machine, Wake Up.
But the mainstream music is what the government really wants us to listen to.
They brainwash us through the media to better control us. The Internet is our last place for freedom and true knowledge, but if America loses that, are we doomed to have generations of brainwashed sheep to come? If we lose the Internet, will they win? Many people are collecting vital information on disks now, maybe you should start too?
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