Jul 11, 2009

How to Avoid Aspartame

To Avoid Aspartame:

1. Look for aspartame in sugar substitutes such as NutraSweet or Equal, yogurt, low calorie "diet" soft drinks, breath mints and candy, hot cocoa mix, pudding, gelatin, vitamins and cold medicines, to name a few. Look for "aspartame" on the list of ingredients.

2. Visit the aspartame.org website for a complete list of products containing aspartame.

3. Choose natural sugars, or try to get used to the natural sweetness in foods. Add honey to your tea, choose products sweetened with fruit juice or use real sugar--just use a little less if you're trying to lose weight.

4. Try Stevia or Splenda for a sweetener substitute. Also, some sodas are now sweetened with Splenda.

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