Jul 8, 2009

Are You Being Spied On? The Truth About Cell Phones

For my first post of the Uncensored News I will list a few ways your government (USG) spies on you and your family and some ways to protect yourself from them.
Now, unless you are a terrorist or a fan of Rage Against The Machine, The USG has no reason to spy on you, however they probably will anyway. The goal of the rich and powerful is to get richer and more powerful. But what if one of the sheeple - I mean people of the U.S were to step out of line? Are they a threat to the rich? It has been proven throughout history one man can change the world, Ghandi and Martin Luther King are just two quick examples that came to mind, and without Che Guevara the 26J Movement would have never been a success. So if one person decides to stop the poor from getting poorer and the rich from getting richer, the rich would need to stop him/her before s/he gains to much power and stops their plan, thus the reason we are all spied on. If someone knows to much information they are also put on the list of Potential Terrorists.
Some other reasons we are spied on is possibly for them to see how their experiments are going.
They can see how the subliminal messages and GWEN Towers affect our minds, how the Chem Trails and Genetically Modified food affects our health and how we respond to the lies they spoon-feed us on a daily bases.
The truth is that even right now you are being monitored, listened to and watched. Continue reading to find out how to make it stop.

1. Cell Phones.
First we will begin with Cellular phones. Not only the USG listens to your conversations, but anyone can listen perfectly clear.
While The USG can listen to your phone with much higher quality than a normal person could, anyone could listen to your cell phone with the proper program. FlexiSpy is one of them. It lets you listen to conversations, read email, SMS and their call history log, use GPS tracking to know were they are and more. It doesn't come free though. FlexiSpy pro is up at $349!
Anyone can track you (as long as you carry your phone wherever you go,) and have an exact idea as to were you are, they can listen through your phone even when it is off (so stop saying bush is an asshole and start paying taxes!) they can even recover any deleted info.
But before you go download this wonderful product to eavesdrop on your grandma, non of the above is actually legal. If you already downloaded this you should probably get a lawyer... a Jewish one considering you could get a few years in jail for this.
The website, FlexiSpy, states that this product can only be used on your own phone for recovering lost data or to protect your child.
But then how does The USG get away with spieing on us? Same way they always do, they are rich and powerful and thus above the law... way above the law.

So how do you know if someone is listening?

1. You seem to have trouble shutting it off, or it stays lit up after you’ve powered down.

2. The phone sometimes lights up when you aren’t making or receiving a call, or using any other function.

3. You regularly hear odd background noises or clicks when you’re on the phone.

4. The battery dies quicker than normal.

So, how can you protect yourself from the watchful eye of Big Brother? (or your even your big sister if she buys FlexiSpy.)
I know of three options to protect yourself from being spied on.
1. Remove the battery
2. Take your phone back to the provider and have them format it completely, thus getting rid of any spyware, as well as everything else, making it a factory default again.
3. Put your cell phone near a loudspeaker and play Brittney Spears until whoever may be listening can't take it anymore and uninstalls all spy programs.

I will keep you informed on all the ways the USG is spying on us, and what their other plans are, but until then, always remember; YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE.