Aug 16, 2009

You Are Not A Slave

I felt that after posting so many articles (over 85) about the government and how easily they can control the masses and brainwash them, I should let you know that just by reading information such as the kind you find on this blog you are already out of the herd. You are no longer one of the sheep that make up over 99% of the world. No matter what the government does to us, we still have our brain, our thoughts, our opinions and most of all, our souls. The quest for knowledge is a seemingly endless one, but the long path has a beautiful end, an end were the evil is no longer in power.

I strongly encourage you to do more research than just this blog, learn all you can, do whatever you can, be non-conformist and change this world.

One person can make a difference and all it takes is one person to help save this world. Remember, violence is never the answer, but if you want the world that hasn't been seen for so many generations to be back in proper order, we need to change the system, or rather, free ourselves from the system. The governments are all working together, no matter what country you are in you are never safe, but think of it this way, there are more of us than them. The rich need us to work for them, without us, they would starve.
Who would stimulate the economy if not us?
Currently the government is pushing their H1N1 Flu Vaccination on us, soon to be mandatory, we need to put a stop to this, and the first step is knowledge.
Please, continue reading this blog daily for more information on what you can do to save you country, remember, 'You Are Not a Slave' no matter what you have been taught, no matter what has been taken from you, no matter what you feel to be missing, you will always have your mind and soul, and nothing, not even their GWEN Towers or flu vaccines will ever take them from you.
Please subscribe and comment, thank you for reading. Please remember, Knowledge is Power.