Aug 30, 2009

100th Post and the start of The Cyber Revolution

Uncensored News is celebrating it's 100th post by opening a new page, The Cyber Revolution.

This page will rarely be updated, but is mainly made for ways you can help spread the truth to the people.
The first post 'What Is The Cyber Revolution?' reads:
"As many of my readers may know from my blog, Uncensored News, our government, in most countries, has been lying to us about practically everything. They do tests on us with our water and air, they poison us through chemtrails and genetically modified foods, they are chipping us and killing off the weak with the h1n1 vaccination, they are creating and spreading viruses, they are hiding cures for diseases and disorders, the list goes on far longer.

During all this, most of us who know what is happening do nothing, the other 99% of the population is still oblivious to the truth.
If all the population of America knew the real truth of what was happening, the government would not be able to put their ideas through. People would not be drinking tap water, watching TV, getting flu shots and eating genetically modified foods. They would demand real cures for diabetes and other diseases.
The New World Order would end and real order would begin, America would be free again and we would no longer have wars. No one would be brainwashed anymore.
Yet that future seems far away now, or so it would appear. The first step we must take towards a brighter future is educating the masses with the truth."
We also have an activism page for people who would like to post our banners on their page or profiles. If you do this, please email and I will link to your site.
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SANDY G. said...

It is so nice to finally "meet" someone that believes the same as I do. I really don't have anyone that I can talk to about this stuff, because no one wants to believe our government could be so evil.

I've put your banner up on all three of my sites - At Your Service, Awake!, and News For Today