Aug 7, 2009

THE REPTILIANS - Alien Races Part II

According to writer David Icke, 7-foot (2.1 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from the star system Alpha Draconis are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy directed at humanity. He claims that the reptilians maintain their control through the generation of fear and negative emotion, which is food to these entities, by manufacturing conflicts, primarily wars. He contends that most of the world's leaders are in fact related to these reptilians.[7] Icke's theories now have supporters in 47 countries and he frequently gives lectures to crowds of 2500 or more.[8][9]
Icke draws connections between the reptilian aliens in his theories and the Annunaki depicted in Zecharia Sitchin's 12th Planet,[10] which has led to other conspiracy theorists referring to reptilian humanoids as the "Annunaki";[11] however, Sitchin himself has always described his Annunaki as purely humanoid.
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The Reptilians are the creation of the Carians, their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation. The royal line of Reptilians are the Draconians, the winged dragons. The name of their royal line is the House of Aln. This is not the exact spelling, but it is close. It is more like Oln or Ahln. Still, keeping this in mind, the Council requested I spell it Aln.

The Reptiles have two other major sub races. They are known as the Winged Serpents (Snakes) and the Lizards called by some, the Lizzies.

The Reptilians are less emotional that their Human counterparts. Yet they have a highly refined knowledge of universal physics and laws. The Reptilians are responsible for the Mystery Schools on Earth and their teachings are from the ancient knowledge held by their parent race, the Carians.

The Reptilians were given a creation myth by their parent race, the Carians, that clashed with the creation myth of the Humans. The Reptilians were told that they had the right to colonize all planets and star systems in the universe and when they did, they also had the right to conquer or destroy any civilization they found there.

This creation myth has been the source of the many conflicts between the Reptiles and the Humans throughout the dimensions. Yet, it was given as part of the Universal Game (Polarity Integration). Without it everyone would have lived in peace and there would be no conflict. If this were the case, soul evolution would cease and the universe would become stagnant.

The Reptilians represent the Dark in the Polarity Integration Game while the Humans represent the Light. Through this game, of the highest order, all souls in this universe have the opportunity to spiritually evolve and rejoin the creative god source.

Jehowah is the reigning patriarch of the 9D House of Aln and Enki is the reigning patriarch of the 4D House of Aln at this time. Until recently, Marduk, Enki’s son was the current commander of the Federation Flagship Nibiru, having seized control of it from his grandfather Anu, the former commander. It is also my understanding that Enki has become the patriarch of the 5D House of Aln and also Head of the 5D Nibiruan Council representing the Dark.
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Below is a video of George H.W Bush seen with Reptilian eyes:

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Anonymous said...


You know what you just did with that post? You basically just told us some kind of story that doesn't even have any leads in terms of evidence.

You need to provide a roadmap for how you logically concluded this or how David Icke concluded this.

You can't just pop out at random and say "Hi! There are lizard people in the Earth! They have a religion, haha!"

Anonymous said...

boy i agree with this article

Chris said...

This wasn't just made up out of nowhere. There is EVIDENCE of the reptilians parent race, the Carians on earth. There are fossils that have been found. You can search this online. It makes sense that good does not exist without evil. Light can't exist without dark. Just as with every part of matter, there is anti matter. Basic building blocks of life. Maybe you should be the one that does some more reading up.

David said...

the bstds have me chipped, I was fairly sure of this before i saw that doctors have been taking bio mechanical chips out of across the world on Discovery. One Doctor said it was inconclusive, another programme with another Doctor said he thinks its for somebody to monitor changes in the species. That made me think of the diverging species theory i've saw in the papers more than once over the years.

fairly soon their will be two human races, one 7 foot tall hair free and one 4 foot goblin not looking much like us. all these chemicals evrywhere not hard to conclude allergies have skyrocket in the last 50 years, big pharma is a scam and doctors are complete idiots.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely ridiculous, and people like David Ike and Nancy Lieder ruin the reputation of Zecharia Sitchin's work with their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely ridiculous, and people like David Ike and Nancy Lieder ruin the reputation of Zecharia Sitchin's work with their bullshit.