Aug 29, 2009

The Cyber Revolution

The New World Order has already begun, forced flu vaccination is starting next, afterwards food shortages and more nightmares including FEMA camps, more poisoning through air and water, tracking chips and more. The world has gone to hell and we are to blame for letting the powerful become even more powerful. It's time that something is changed before it's too late. Spread your knowledge as much as possibly.

If you already have a blog or web page exposing the lies of the government than please keep up the good work, if not, start your own, but either way, link back to Uncensored News, even if your blog is not about politics. Email after linking for us to link back to you.

I will be providing banners for Uncensored News' new Cyber Revolution campaign soon, however before this is done, I will explain what the Cyber Revolution is;
When a lot of people are opposed to something, the government will usually not put their ideas through. With enough people protesting, striking and informing people of the truth, the government will not do whatever it is you are against.
Remember, the first step is always knowledge.

I am not suggesting starting a riot, but rather informing everyone of the truth. By linking to Uncensored News, people all over the world will know what is really happening, thus the Cyber Revolution begins.

Anything you can do to expose the truth to as many people as possible (legally of course,) is highly recommended.

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