Aug 10, 2009

The Greatest Secrets

For my readers who have been with me from the beginning as well as my newest readers; the information in this blog is all considered dangerous by your government, however, non of it is as amazing as what is out there. This information is available to you because none of it poses a real threat to the government. It's just some conspiracy nuts reading and writing blogs. When they post little things about Obama lying or aliens, the masses won't believe them. Hell, they could post the the entire New World Order plan and no one will believe them! But when we stumble upon something that proves these theories or find something that is extremely classified and top secret, we become the greatest threat to the evil of the NWO. I am constantly searching for the truth, yet what I have found so far is only the information that the government allows us to know about. A true seeker knows much more, and will find the greatest secrets the universe has to offer. Anyone can uncover these secrets with the right information, and while Uncensored News is the best place to start your search, I can only post so much on this blog. But with the information collected you can do your own research, discover things you thought impossible, learn the truth about the government, the illuminati, the freemasons, the elite, the New World Order, aliens, nibiru, 2012, your powers and so much more.
The posts I have made so far are only the beginning of what is really out there for you to learn.
If you want information, you will get it, you must keep searching, it may take a lifetime, it may not, but all who want the truth will receive it.
It's time to wake up readers, it's time to find the truth.
"The answer is out there and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to."

Thank you all for reading, I have reached my goal of 900 views and will now raise it to 2000 views. Uncensored News is the perfect blog to subscribe to if you want all the latest information available to you right when it happens.
Thank you again,
Thomas Anderson AKA Neo.