Aug 4, 2009

Nibiru Survival Guide - An Uncensored News Exclusive

The proof surrounding Nibiru is overwhelming, the videos, the photos and the fact that just about every ancient civilization has mention Nibiru in one way or another.
If the facts are true and on December 21st, 2012, 11:11 UTC [Time Conversion] Nibiru's gravitational pull would have already destroyed most of the Earth as we know it now. [See the previous posts]

However, all is not lost for those who for some reason would actually want to continue living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Yes, all this sounds like science fiction, it is hard to believe anything so out of the ordinary after we have been blinded. But Uncensored News' goal has always been to remove the cover from the eyes of the masses and this post is no exception.

Below are the steps I have written to prepare for 2012.

1. Do not panic, it's not like it's the end of the world or something... oh wait.. For those of us lucky enough to be saved by the Anunnaki (if they decide to do so, or possibly we will be saved in some other way,) this post is still handy in knowing what to expect. But even if you are doomed to stay on this planet during the terrors to come, panic will only blind you and make you vulnerably to anything. The weak will not survive.

2. Get all the Physical Training possible, muscle will be extremely important in the event of a global catastrophe. I would suggest learning Martial Arts as well as weight training and so forth. Also, Whey Protein is a good bonus to gain muscle.

3. Train your Brain, learn all you can about Nibiru as well as other topics. The more knowledge you have, the larger the chance of survival.

4. Buy as much non-perishable food as you can, read this article on what foods to have, as well as other items, in a disaster - Disaster Supply List.

5. Buy Building Material, otherwise finding shelter would be very difficult.

6. Install a Bomb Shelter that can withstand earthquakes. Preferably underground due to the 200+ MPH winds. Store supplies here. Keep beding and lots of water.

7. Live in an area far from the ocean, if you are in America, preferably a place near the center that doesn't get too cold temperatures.

8. Get The Warmest Clothes Available, as well as fire wood, matches, candles, fire extinguisher, lighters and gasoline.

9. Learn to rely on yourself only, we will no longer have police, cars, or medical supplies.

Those who can survive the first 24 months will likely survive the rest of their lives, seeing as the rebuilding process will take hundreds to thousands of years, the future will be a difficult one.

For those of you who have a medical condition that requires medication for survival, I would suggest getting as much of the medication as possibly, or learning to survive without it. For example, those with diabetes type 1 can learn to exercise enough to lower their blood glucose without insulin. If this a problem, then stock enough medication for 24+ months. Eventually something should turn up for the survivors who need medical help when the rebuilding process begins.

I would also suggest taking with you in the bomb shelter things you would prefer not to loose, literature, music notes, poetry, artwork and anything else you think the new world would not be complete without. Blueprints for buildings, medical science books and technology should be somethings that would be necessary too. Keep the papers from your medication and if possible, a list of ingridents and how to prepare it.

Remember to have 24+ months worth of everthing listed above.

While the future looks grim in some ways, it is also promising us knowledge we never had since the first civilization. If the theories are true, the planet will contain the Anunnaki and they may tell us our true origins as well as other information from beyond the stars.

This entire article was written by Thomas Anderson for Uncensored News. It cannot be copied unless given credit with a link back to this page.

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See for protection against radiation if something should occur.

Please print this article as a survival guide.


Anonymous said...


Nice blog to inform those with less KNOWLEDGE of these now common things...


AND...I AM SURPRISED to find so many analitics on this analitics,and so on...

They litterally are FLEAS...

GOOD LUCK,dear bro!
The degenerated anunnakis won't make it this time!!!

We regret VIRACOCHA...(he was probably the ONE who appeared to ENKI (EA)and told him to save a few of us---even if it was AGAINST the nibirian council --kkkontrolled by that bastard of enlill...)
or was it that?
BTW:now I KNOW MU was destroyed by an asteroid wich 'pushed all the surrounding bassin of Pacific ocean...CREATING those MOUNTAINS to the EAST of both americas and creating the aleoutians in the same time and THE FLOOD!!!!
We could get the same AGAIN...