Aug 15, 2009

Obama Joker Poster Banned From Workplace

Pro-Obama messages allowed, anti-Obama sentiment frowned upon
I decided to ride my Harley to work this week with the “Facist JokerBama” poster on the back. I work at a major satellite TV uplink center here in the Phoenix AZ area. ( I need the job so I cannot say the name). Within 10 minutes of my arrival I was called by the department head and told someone complained to HR and I was “starting a riot”.

I was ordered to remove it. As I walked through the parking lot on my way to submitting to corporate tyranny, I observed other bumper stickers on cars that said “GOOD RIDDANCE BUSH: END OF AN ERROR” and “OBAMA BIDEN” as well as others that express a myriad of views from pro-gun to anti-war.

After compliance to corporate political correctness I marched into the department head’s office and informed him of the obvious double standard. His answer was I could make my own complaint to HR. I told him I support liberty and freedom of speech. I would never stoop to that level.

While hiding the Joker under my desk throughout the day, I asked several co-workers their opinions which overwhelmingly were in favor of liberty. Even Obama voters said they did not like it but I should not have to remove it. Especially from my own vehicle!!! I did have one poor misled chap who said “I have enough white guilt. I don’t need to see that”. I spent several minutes trying to convince him this has nothing to do with race including saying “I would call this man a fascist if he was as white as Jimmy Carter”.

This Monday, Obama is coming to Phoenix. I plan on a motorcycle drive by parade of liberty.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. I don't despise obama but seeing anyone's face looking like joker just makes it all really funny.. Good luck on Monday