Nov 4, 2009

The Truth about Alex Jones

For a while I had a feeling Alex Jones was a liar, an agent for the government possibly, so I decided to do some research.
So who is Alex Jones really?
The answer? A fear spreader working for the government. His mission is simple; make the people feel like they have no power over the government.
While the information he gives is mostly true (ignoring, of course, the lies he tells about socialism and communism.) and Alex Jones' other websites are all there to make you feel powerless, while still giving you real information.
Remember, without us the rich and the government wouldn't survive, so while you may enjoy reading infowars, remember you have power and you can stop them.
So now the question arises, who can you trust? Can you trust me? The answer is that no one can ever be trusted, nothing on this blog can be trusted, nothing on CNN can be trusted. Go by your feelings, if you feel like trusting something, be care full, but go ahead with it.

Below is a look at some of Alex Jone's lies and brainwashing:

Alex Jones seems to also be brainwashing the Americans with this:

Obama is NOT a socialist, if he was America would be doing much better off.
This is not the first time Alex Jones makes Socialism and Communism look evil.
Below is another video you might find interesting:


Eschatonic said...

I'm not sure. Many people have said that Jones is some kind of government agent, but I think that there is no evidence of this (if I am wrong about this please correct me). He does excaggerate and sometimes say things that are false as your videos attest to. As with everybody, his own political/religious viewpoint means that he presents things in a certain ideological light (esp. regarding socialism). These things don't neccessarily mean that he works for the government - it just means that he can be wrong, is biased etc.Either way, he does do a fairly good news coverage, which gets people to think and research in different areas, so overall, I would say he has a positive effect.

Just my 2 cents.

Neo said...

While I agree with you about him giving good news coverage, I must also point out that, while he tells us what the government will do to us, he never tells us how to prevent it, thus making it seem we are powerless to the government's control.

Crown Multimedia Agency said...

I believe a lot of the negative remarks aimed at Obama are racially motivated. Our country needs to move beyond that mindset and evolve.

theAqCon said...

great post. especially the mantra that blind trust does not a robust society create.

Sorry about the broken sentence.

Speaking on trust, if I had a product for the infowar and was seeking ad space would Alex Jones be someone I could confide in?

I guess thats the crux of the issue. Who can you do business with when trust is gone?